I heard the following cover of #9 Dream by John Lennon in the car today by REM. Interesting how a cover makes you appreciate a song more. I don't mean that in a bad way, I actually really liked the REM cover. So I went home and found this. The "video" is done in an amateurish, yet interesting way to get across their point.

That in turn led to this, which seems to be the best thing Ms. Ono has done since breaking up the beatles.

A few questions: First, what the US do about Darfur? (Probably very little since there don't seem to be any weapons of mass destruction [read oil] in the region). Will the actual downloads be through iTunes? Has Youtube disrupted iTunes? Ok, perhaps not the ipod, but with Youtube I can listen to most songs on demand (as well as see a video of them). Does youtube disrupt Karaoke as well?