The Grand Rapids Python User Group meets on holidays. They meet on holidays to discuss decorators (among other things). They also email authors of Python decorator books and ask them if they have free copies to give away at their meetings. Given that I'm subject to the terms of Amazon KDP Select, I currently cannot give away an individual copy. But I can use a "promotional" day to lower the price to $0 for Feb 20, 2012. In return I'm now an official sponsor of the group!

Enjoy. Tweet it, reddit it, etc. If you like it, or find it useful, reviews on Amazon or blogs are always appreciated. I am off to the slopes for the day so there might be some radio silence on my end.

PS --- I'm still working on getting a dead tree version and am closer than I was last week. Also, I'm hoping to release the next "Guide to: Learning ..." this week. Stay tuned.