A few years back we attended a budgeting seminar given by a wealthy Palo Altoan lawyer and his wife. I don't remember much, but I remember his wife saying that she would never buy anything with a prominent logo on it. It was an interesting idea (I admit I kind of at first thought it was an elitist reverse-snob thing), that I hadn't really thought much about before. But basically everything you have/wear with a logo is essentially free advertising for said purveyor of goods.

So when Andrea took this wonderful photo showing off the kids and the fall colors, I had one issue with it: James' hand-me-down sweatshirt. Well with a few minutes using the gimp's color sucker and airbrush tools, I was able to modify it more to my liking.

*Note we actually have quite a few goods from "Oaf", but this glaringly huge logo was just bothering me for some reason.