We were able to sneak away for the weekend and took the kids to Moab, Utah. Home to wonderful mountain biking, rock climbing and scenery. We didn't have time for too much, but we were able to get into Arches National Park

I'm always amazed at the diversity of geologic wonders one sees there. While we were pulling into the city, the alpineglow of the sunset made for spectacular colors. Sadly I didn't take any pictures. There appears to be rock of every color there: red, orange, yellow, white and green. With the desert varnish, blue and purple seem to come out as well.

I did take some panoramic shots to play around with. I believe one series has over 7 arches visible in it! (Not too surprising, given that there are over 2000! arches in the park)

We passed through Price, Utah on the way and Olivia was itching to see the dinosaur museum. There was also an exhibit by B. A. Grimes showing some great photos of the San Rafael Swell and Nine Mile Canyon.