I got a nice 24 inch Dell flat panel monitor for work. Here's the good: * Bright colors (my laptop monitor looks dull now) * Wide (can comfortably browse two websites side by side) * Gentoo made installing drivers painless * xrandr 1.2 is nice * X developers rock

And now the bad: * I don't know how I can ever go back to anything smaller. It just seems so "normal" now *Beryl (accerlerated X won't work with dual screen)

Re: installing drivers, I've messed around with screen cloning and dual screen before the xrandr 1.2 days and it was a pain. Well, when I got the monitor xrandr 1.2 was not yet released. Gentoo made it easy to upgrade the drivers. And when new betas were released and the tree wasn't updated it was 3 commands for me to update (cp the ebuild to the new version, ebuild digest and ebuild newversion).

Re: Beryl. I'd been growing quite accustomed to beryl, despite its dislike of java apps. When I'm in dual screen mode, the screen is too wide for accelerated X to work. According to Keith Packard this can be coded around (as is done for Macs/Windows drivers with the intel chipset). I'm not sure if the work is scheduled at the moment. But I much prefer dual screen to no beryl....

And now some notes showing how xrandr1.2 is (for people who want to give presos or whatnot):

With the 24 inch plugged into the vga port of my laptop, it automatically comes up in cloned mode (Though the virtual size of my laptop is the physical size of my vga monitor....).

To enable dual screen run a command like this:

xrandr --output LVDS --left-of VGA --auto

To turn off the VGA monitor:

xrandr --output VGA --off

To go back to "clone" mode:

xrandr --output VGA  --auto