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I just had a wierd experience. While rocking my son to sleep I saw something jump across the floor. The lights were kind of dim but I was pretty sure it was too big to be a spider and too small to be a rodent. Upon closer inspection it was a amphibeus domesticus, the common house frog;) Actually, it was an intruder and must have entered through the screendoor that has a small two inch slit in the bottom of it. I'm assumming my soft whistling attracted it, but I'm still amazed that it even got in the screen door (the hole doesn't seem that big)!

While on the topic of security, I'm currently reading Hacking: The art of exploitation. Even though I haven't coded in C for a couple years (since school basically), it is eye opening to see how insecure it can be (or how easy it can be to hack a computer). I'm amazed! I'll try to write up a review when I finish it.

In the meantime, limit use of suid. Or use a more "secure" language ;) With respect to our new pet, he's back outside. Tomorrow we'll be asking the apartment manager to replace the screen...