I was able to go mountain biking for the first time in a few months yesterday. I've only been once since I had a nasty endo last fall at Soquel Demo Forest (picture above), leaving me attending physical therapy for a month.

Yesterday morning it appeared to be a beautiful day, even though it had rained a little on Friday. Everything was going fine until 3/4 of a mile up the trail turned into really thick mud. This isn't the wet kind of mud that you can splash through, get dirty and keep riding. It was more like wet clay, thick enough and sticky enough to build up around my front shock and seat and chainstay. It kept building up until my tires refused to turn. Dragging my bike I turned back. I ended up washing my bike and that took me longer than my short ride. The only consolation was that I was back in time to go play pickup ultimate. Hopefully the weather stays dry so I can get back to Soquel and Skeggs.