I assume most have seen the Apple switch ads. So being the dork I was, I wondered what a Linux person would look like, if he was invited to the meeting of this odd twosome. Well after two or three years of trying with one person I'm finally going to get to see fruits of my linux labors. Unlike some who espouse the merits of open source, but then go around proclaiming apple to be the solution to the worlds problems, I'd like to hope that linux can work on the desktop as well.

My father has given up on Windows. Or rather, it seems, Windows (98 to be exact) has given up on him. Over the years, my brother or I have had to play IT man to this machine that is now apparently so riddled with spyware/bots/viruses that it barely chugs along. (I guess I should mention that this is a 7 year old 400 Mhz machine). But my dad (like most users) is resistant to change. I gave him my old linux machine (800 Mhz) two years ago, erased my gentoo install and put ubuntu on it (I'm now regretting that decision somewhat), but it just sat there in the basement, functioning fine for basically two years next to this box that should have been placed in some sort of digital leprosy colony. (I figured the linux machine would do everything he wanted, but he showed no interest in it. Plus I was fed up with supporting the windows box...)

Finally yesterday, the straw broke the camels back. There were so many keyloggers on this old windows box that there was a significant delay every time you typed something. My father finally asked me how to print something using the linux box. Turns out he started using it to browse the web.

So to make a long story short this box is using kubuntu on hoary (now I wished I still had my gentoo install, because I'm going to install edgy now...), his printer just worked (hp deskjet 712C). His scanner doesn't work (visioneer 7000?). Openoffice should serve his document needs (word processing and spreadsheets). One more issue, he has been using Microsoft Money to manage some financial data. Hopefully gnucash can help out (I need to convert his .mny files)? I haven't tried gnucash for 6 years, so I can't comment on it, only it seems that it is still a pain to install (even on the latest ubuntu, hence my desire for gentoo's fabulous portage). Lazy web, are there any other recommended solutions other than gnucash?

A few parting comments, my dad asked me, "So will I get viruses?". "No" was my reply. He also mentioned buying a ridiculously overpriced apple box (I guess those ads have affected him too). Seems he would be willing to try Apple, but linux scared him off. I'll try to track any interesting developments in my dad's progress.