I'm back from OSCON and had a great time. It was fun to meet and talk with so many interesting people. One of the most interesting I met after the conference en route home.

While in the airport standing in the queue to get on the plane Rob Kaye was next to us. He definitely stands out in a crowd, since he has some of the craziest hair I've ever seen. (Here's an older picture:)

We ended up sitting next to each other on the flight home and had an interesting chat about MusicBrainz (his personal project), software patents, the merits of python over perl, the bad designs of id3 tags, and how to motivate people to participate in your open source project. He commented about how to him the only relevant conferences were Etech, OSCON and O'reilly's Music Conference because of the quality of the material and the people present. I'm in the process of compiling my thoughts on OSCON (though I was discussing and learning about geek stuff all week, I was actually using a computer very little (no laptop)).