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Ok, if anyone is reading this, I thought I might share some investigative work. So after a quick attempt to copy music over to the rocbox failed, I started searching on google for any help. Nothing turned up.... So I looked at the db files on the rocbox and googled for them. Nothing.... So I zipped up the contents of the db files and emailed them to my brother (he's smart and works on low level stuff, smart cards and the like), so I figured he'd be able to give me a head start. Nothing.... So I googled some more and finally came upon this link which explains how data is stored on a Philips HDD 100/120 Audio Jukebox. I can't even remember what I searched for, but it turns out that the file structure is very similar (just the prefix of the files were changed (db5000 -> pp5000). More googling on that led me to this which is a python solution for the Philips device (even better). After some quick hacking on that file I was able to upload most of my music to the device. (If you want this let me know and I'll get it to you, most of my issues were with character encoding, which I think I've worked out). Now I need to be fair to my brother. I found those links before he had time to answer me, but he was amazed that there is even a need for the db files. "Why not just have the hardware search for new files and create it's own db?", he asked. I replied that with 20 gigs of data you don't want to scan the whole thing even time you turn it on.... Well after transferring about 5 gigs of music and turning the device on play mode, it said "updating database" for about 10 minutes.... So that seems like the worst of both worlds. Oh well. (I'm thinking about extending the script so it works with amarok. Anyone else interested?? )