We had a small meeting tonight. Hasan gave a short presentation on his Really Really Simple Rss browser (45 minute 80 line hack). Details found here.

Previous speakers were awarded their choice of various python books, whick led into a bit of discussion about python books. It seemed that people enjoyed that. Most of the folk seemed to want in-depth books focusing on subjects such as toolkit programming.

The discussion then wandered onto refactoring, what is it, and when do you use it. Most who had refactored in python apparently do it by hand. This may be that it is pretty simple or that the tools are not well known.

This was followed by a brief discussion of OSCON happenings related to python(mainly RoR). Web development talk, django, mvc, templating, ajax, too much choice (vs the "golden path") were are briefly touched on. Following that there was a bit of mingling until we were gently removed from the building. No deep discussion about meta-programming or worrying about if you actually understood the presentation.