Today I was lucky enough to attend the MYSQL Users Conference for most of the day. The keynote by Marten Mickos which was very interesting (will blog on that later).

It's very interesting to see how far MySQL has come. (We used MySQL for my senior project at school. While pitching the VCs (hey it seemed like the cool thing to do during the bubble) they were concerned that we had used MySQL instead of "a real SQL database". To make the story short, we didn't get funding and the 5 other companies that were doing the same thing went under in less than a year.... Now MySQL is used all over the place. How far we've come in 5 years!)

During the afternoon we demoed SpikeSource's native component builds ( ), which is currently pulling from the head, building and testing Geronimo, Lucene, Nutch and MySQL. Most of the people I talked with were developers who understood the need for tested, integrated components and were very interested in our stack.

Ok, I'll try to blog my version of the Marten's keynote tommorrow...