The last couple of weeks have been stressful, bittersweet, and exciting. An exciting opportunity fell upon me and the end result is that I resigned from SpikeSource and am now starting up a company.

SpikeSource has been wonderful to me, and I've very much enjoyed my time there. I've worked with startups ever since graduating, but when I joined Spike there was 14 people in Kleiner Perkins incubation site on Sandhill. Things were wild and crazy and busy. There was a cool anticipation in the air for the future. Over time, I was able to work very closely with the founder, Murugan. I was also able to see the corporate side of Open Source. I worked with commercial companies, commercial open source companies as well as non-commercial open source entities. I was also able to attend many conferences (oscon, pycon, mysqluc, linuxworld, osbc, and take a trip to India. I got to program in python, a lot. I got others to program in python, a lot! And I got to play cricket a couple of times.

But the best part was the people I worked with. Every startup prides themselves on their people. And Spike was no exception. The people were wonderful and I learned much from them, and will miss them. Thanks again Spike!