Here's an email exchange I recently had:

Hello- I saw the link to your service today on Slashdot. I'm interested in your photo books, yet I don't have a Windows machine. Are you planning to support firefox anytime soon. If so, you will probably have a new customer. thanks matt

Here's the response:

Dear Matt, Thank you for contacting us. Please note that Mozilla Firefox is totally not compatible to use for [Name removed to protect guilty] site. You must use Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer Versions 5.0 and above. AOL users should be using the most current version of the AOL software. If you are using earlier versions of these browsers, you are likely to encounter problems. Thank you for your suggestion, it will be forwarded to our product development and research group. We will let you know through our newsletter as soon as it is updated. Thanks again for your feedback. We really appreciate your willingness to share ideas. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Sincerely, Charlie

To which I responded:

Charlie- Thanks but I don't think you even read my email. I don't have a windows machine! AOL and Internet Explorer are NOT options for me. By the way I get the same error with Netscape that I got with Firefox. "We're sorry flipbooks are not available for Netscape users". Well I guess this netscape user will go elsewhere.... Matt

I got back the following:

Dear Matt, We are very sorry for the error in my earlier email to you. We request you to use Internet Explorer for ordering photo books from our site. Thanks for your suggestion. We review customer feedback regularly to determine what [name removed] customers most want and your comments will certainly be a part of that process. Once again we regret any inconvenience you have been caused. Do write in to us, in case of any further assistance required. We will be glad to assist you. Sincerely, Charlie

After that I gave up and stopped wasting my time. Anyone else had similar experiences trying to get online services working on non- internet explorer enabled machines?