"KindleGen Fun"

Can someone please tell me why kindlegen can't handle <pre>?

I have some html:

&lt;pre class="literal-block"&gt;
$ python hello.py

And kindlegen kindly gives me this?

  &lt;div align="left"&gt;
      &lt;br/&gt;$ python hello.py&lt;br …
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"A New Blog"


Learn markdown, use octopress

Pending shutdown

A while ago, I was informed that my old blogging service would shutting down at the end of 2011. They served me well over the years, but this seemed like a good reason to move on. The first thing I did was …

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New lappy, Lenovo T61p (linux edition)

My trusty r52 switches between a state of 100-200 free megs of memory and no memory on the 40 gig hard drive. Rather than investing in an expensive IBM harddrive (I've heard the BIOS on my machine won't take normal OEM drives), I got a new computer.

Since I'm a …

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Why doesn't pushd popd work in my Ubuntu shell script?

I'm in the process of moving over to my new laptop. I run into an issue where a shell script (that worked under gentoo) now no longer works. Here's the error

foo.sh: 18: pushd: not found

Since I'm running this as

sh foo.sh

I turn on debugging with …

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