Is the ease of developing in python a drawback? Is too much choice just confusing?

I'm in the middle of trying to get TurboGears working with Python 2.3 (the latest subversion head supposedly supports it...) to see if I can use it as a framework for SAM. (Though like Titus, I'll probably just use CherryPy).

But it is suprising to hear of two more meta/mega web frameworks today: Pylons and So I guess python just makes it too easy to create your own framework... subway, django, TG...

Interesting that of the above mentioned frameworks they all have some overlap of their sub-components (Django being the notable exception that re-wrote everything).

Also interesting that ROR's outspoken creator, David, says if Django had existed a while ago he probably would've used it instead of creating his own framework.

For my needs I want to be able to expose web pages (and ajax endpoints) with a clear api, rather than using the php-like style in my latest prototype code. Cherrypy should suit me fine. And I can plug in whatever templating engine suits me (Cheetah, kidd, myghty, .... ).

As these mature, will there be consolidation, which tends to happen as things commoditize? Will there continue to be more frameworks created as new people come to python and decide to scratch their itches to build websites?