This evening I attended a SLLUG meeting about deploying django with lighhtpd. I've never messed with lightty before, only heard off hand complaints that it doesn't like python too much.

The perl-esque configuration setup seemed to provide for virtual hosting setup pretty easily (much like webapp-config does for gentoo and apache).

Clinton De Young, the presenter, noted that the documentation was very poor for lighhtpd, and that he had to pull some hairs to get everything working. I try to post his configuration when he posts it. Supposedly it will be the only place on the web where it exists (though I'm suprised that ROR doesn't have something you could use...)

(Interesting to note that he had messed around with ROR but gave up on it because lack of unicode support. Didn't like turbogears, since it was less "cohesive". His only complaint was that the documentation for django could be better).

As an aside, I did some django work recently (thanks for fixing my bug), and have been impressed by the community there and the people leading it.